My Story

My journey with sarcoma begins around the first part of 2013.  I began having some soreness under my right arm.  I thought I had pulled a muscle or strained something.  Then on January 27th, I was pulling my shirt off after church, and I couldn’t raise my arm all the way up to remove it.  I then noticed a lump in my right armpit.  I went to the doctor that week and had an ultrasound and CT scan of the right axillary area.  The results just showed a fluid filled cyst.  No big deal, right?!  I was referred to a local surgeon, who drained some of the fluid with a syringe and sent it off for testing.  Pathology results showed “atypical cells suspicious for malignancy.”  Not at all what we were expecting to hear.  So, the plan was to have surgery to remove the lymph node for biopsy.  The surgeon was only able to remove chunks for biopsy, and it was sent off to pathology (Tupelo and eventually University of Michigan).  On March 11th, we received the news that nobody wants to hear.  It is cancer, but at this point we did not know what kind.  We face the next 3 days with the fear of the unknown.  Cancer….but what kind?!  On March 14th, we were told that I have a high grade pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma.  English…..aggressive soft tissue cancer with unknown origination.  There we had it….the diagnosis!  God gave us such a peace in that moment.  It is indescribable!!  We had a name for this cancer, and our mission was to now find a surgical oncologist who specializes in soft tissue sarcomas.

Psalms 103:1-3

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  1. Love you Brother.Carrie and I will be sending prayer “up” for all of you, and the stoff at the howpital.

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